Hudspeth: two wins in mere hours

Moments after his Ragin’ Cajuns defeated Georgia Southern on the gridiron, UL’s head football coach offered a spirited defense of his players who appeared in an off-color cellphone video.

Photo by Robin May

UL Ragin’ Cajuns head football coach Mark Hudspeth says four players depicted in a cellphone video goofing off and singing along with a rap song — “F**K Donald Trump” by the YG and Nipsey Hussle — in the team's locker room have been disciplined, according to The Advertiser. During a post-game press conference following his team’s 33-26 win over Georgia Southern Thursday night, Hud didn’t detail the discipline the players faced, but he offered a spirited defense of his players:

But I will say this. It’s also disappointing that so many people have vilified a few 19-year-olds making some immature decisions, and then they were the same ones that voted for someone that has done much worse by grabbing a female in the private areas for the office of the [President of the] United States of America. ...And if they have never done anything that they were a little bit ashamed of when they were 19 then they can get in line to throw the first stone against our team.

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