Letters to the Editor

Reliving aneurysms

I just read your article on Darla Montgomery and her ruptured brain aneurysm (“Darla’s Comeback,” May 21). It is a great article and touches so close to home. I e-mailed Darla at KLFY a week after this happened, letting her know that we are survivors and I would pray she would pull through this.

I had two aneurysms in 1986 at the age of 37 — one ruptured and one didn’t. After the first surgery with the clip, my doctor saw the other one after an angiogram and did that clipping three months later.

Reading the article was like re-living everything all over again. Everything was so precise, everything on the money. You really wrote a great article. By all rights, I should not have lived through the first aneurysm, as all my neurologists stated, but God kept me here for a reason. It just was not my time because not many people survive a ruptured aneurysm. Mine were on opposite sides of my brain, near the forehead. The medical field sure has improved with the “keyhole surgery.” Mine was done the old way.

Thank you so much for this article. People should be aware that it is a silent killer until it feels like someone is hitting you on the head with a baseball bat — severe pain. I want Darla to know that I have her in my online knee-mail prayer group, and we’re still praying for her.