Scott Jordan

Multiple Acadiana legislators donating pay raise to charity

The furor over the legislative pay raise continues. Gov. Bobby Jindal continues to say he won’t veto the bill, but yesterday political blogger C.B. Forgotston unearthed Jindal’s 2007 campaign literature that pledges to “prohibit legislators from giving themselves pay raises.” Meanwhile, a number of Acadiana legislators are separating themselves from the pack by doing the right thing. Independent Rep. Joel Robideaux is leading a contingent of local lawmakers who voted against the bill and intend to donate their pay raises to a fund for the Community Foundation of Acadiana. Robideaux and Rep. Page Cortez say that Reps. Simone Champagne, Jonathan Perry, Fred Mills, Taylor Barras, Bobby Badon, Jack Montecet, Mickey Guillory, Elbert Guillory and Rickey Hardy are on board with the idea.
Republican Rep. Don Trahan and Democratic Sen. Don Cravins Jr. (who both voted against the bill) refused the raise outright. For those keeping score, Republican Sen. and Senate Finance Chair Mike Michot and Rep. Eric LaFleur voted in favor of the pay raises.

Rep. Rickey Hardy has a few other ideas. “Charity begins at home, and I’ll be using part of those funds to sponsor a local Little League team I sponsor every year,” he says. Hardy also flashed a bit of his trademark humor. “Maybe I should set aside some of it in an escrow fund for the legal defense of some of my colleagues who voted for the pay raises and could be facing a recall petition.”