R. Reese Fuller

Pay raise fuels online fury

by R. Reese Fuller

If Gov. Bobby Jindal and Louisiana's legislators think that simply ignoring the public outcry over the legislature voting to double their pay is simply going to fizzle out, there are citizens out there making sure that the iron remains hot. While newspapers across the state and readers commenting on their Web sites denounce the pay raise, some have taken to the Internet to kick our elected officials out of office. (Get up to speed with this issue by reading this week's "Leadoff" by Independent Editor Scott Jordan - "Pay Raise Hell" and his post to today's The INDsider.)

At LegeWatch, the slogan is "Because all we get from Baton Rouge is the finger" and the logo is a hand shooting the bird imposed over the state Capitol. The site seeks to monitor Louisiana politics and hold politicians accountable.

We need public servants, not a ruling class who arbitrarily takes from us without even the courtesy of a discussion, much less a vote. It's time to end the free ride in Baton Rouge.

At RecallPayRaiseTucker.com, the site is seeking out volunteers to help with a petition drive to force a recall election for House Speaker Jim Tucker. The group needs 9,000 signatures from District 86.

Another blog from Slidell, called Louisiana Recall Them All! states that "truth transcends political philosophy" and that both Republicans and Democrats should be removed from office.

Their votes on the recent legislative pay raise have demonstrated their own selfish interests will ultimately govern their vote and therefore they are no longer worthy of our trust of high office.

If you know of another site pushing for the recall of Louisiana's elected officials over the pay raise, let us know, and we'll post the information here on The INDsider.

(Update: 6/20) Check out this site devoted to recalling Lafayette Sen. Mike Michot - RecallMichot.com.