This week in ‘OMG, she’s awful!’

by Walter Pierce

Racist social media comments by a co-owner of a white, family-run business in the heart of a black neighborhood on Lafayette’s northside lead to calls for a boycott.

This is Darlene Cormier. Don't be like her.

It’s probably safe to say business has slowed down at Sunshine Cleaners on Madeline Street in north Lafayette. The business’ Facebook page has been getting slammed for a week now by angry residents and now-former customers calling for a boycott after Darlene Cormier, a co-owner of the business, posted comments on Facebook about former President Barack Obama and his family that even in this dawning alt-right Age of Twitler are about as ugly, ignorant and racist as you one can get. That’s saying something.

The head-scratcher here is that, based on photos she’s posted to her own Facebook page and on comments on social media, Cormier has bi-racial grandchildren born of a relationship between her son and a black woman. The disconnect is jarring. We won’t even get into the dysfunctional relationship Cormier has with English grammar and spelling, bless her heart.

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