Warehouse 535’s version of ‘The Purge’

Hawk’s Boil Up will start selling boiled crawfish at the Garfield Street honky-tonk beginning Wednesday.

Hawk’s Boil Up in Roberts Cove is bringing “the purge” to Warehouse 535. Famous for its 48-hour method of purging crawfish of what we Louisianans euphemistically refer to as the “sand vein,” among other not-gross descriptors — that dark line running down the middle of crawfish and shrimp tails is actually the digestive tract; dat’s mudbug poopoo, cher! — Hawk’s will start selling boiled crawfish at the Warehouse from 5-9 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays beginning this week.

Three-pound orders are $21.95; five pound will run you $29.95. Orders come with corn, potato and dipping sauce. There will also be live music and games for families.

According to Hawk’s, their preferred method of purging crawfish was developed at Texas A&M University and involves placing the crustaceans in a live well with slow-moving currents of fresh water for 48 hours, resulting in a cleaner product. Think of it as a laxative for crawfish.

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