The dawn of ‘Dusk’

Help the Lafayette team behind a comic book get a six-issue volume across the finish line.

Brandon Gary writes it. Jason Bienvenu illustrates it. Dusk. A sci-fi thriller set on a distant planet.

Gary and Bienvenu have been self-publishing the comic book — think graphic novel, if you want — series for two years and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get the sixth and final issue of the series printed into a single volume with its predecessors. As with many Kickstarter campaigns, Gary and Bienvenu have sweetened the pot, offering incentives based on level of giving. Those incentives include physical copies of the book, prints and original artwork, among other emoluments. (We had never used the word emoluments before Jan. 20 of this year, coincidentally.)

According to the team:

Dusk is a sci-fi thriller that takes places on a distant planet hanging completely motionless in space. The only city is built along the strip of land between the sun-scorched wasteland on one side and the frozen darkness on the other. The city’s brighter districts are warm and resort-like while the darker parts suffer from more crime and disease. Two sisters find themselves wrapped up in the troubles that lurk in the city’s shadows. Unexplained deaths, ancient alien artifacts, children disappearing and more mysteries confound the police. Ultimately the fate of the planet is in the hands of a teenage girl.

The campaign launched today (Feb. 1) and closes on March 3. To pitch in, go to the team’s Kickstarter page here and pony up. The galaxy will thank you for it.

You can also find them on Facebook here.