UNO poll finds Lege unpopular, many still blame Jindal

A new University of New Orleans telephone survey of more than 919 respondents finds widespread dissatisfaction with the state Legislature and a lingering willingness among Louisiana voters to heap much of the blame for the state's ongoing fiscal crisis at the feet of former Gov. Bobby Jindal. The poll's margin of error was 3.2 percent.

The poll found that by a two-to-one margin poll participants disapprove of the Legislature's performance, which overall received an approval rating of 24 percent, with 50 percent disapproving and 26 percent undecided. The dissatisfaction with the state lawmakers' performance is fairly consistent among whites, males, Republicans and independents. One interesting note: Democrats give the Legislature higher approval than do Republicans even though the GOP controls both chambers.

Louisiana voters also accept the reality of a budget crisis in Baton Rouge, according to the poll: Three quarters believe the state is facing financial difficulties, with widespread agreement across demographic groups within the poll.

Among respondents who agreed the state is facing a financial crisis, a solid majority blames former Gov. Bobby Jindal for the state's fiscal issues — 60 percent — with about one quarter spreading the blame equally between Jindal and the Legislature. Only 13 percent blame current Gov. John Bel Edwards, whose approval rating slipped to 49 percent in the poll.