Leslie Turk

Jerry Luke getting $212,000 interim UL post

by Leslie Turk

The Board of Supervisors for the UL System is expected to approve the hiring of Jerry Luke LeBlanc on Thursday as interim vice president of business and finance at UL Lafayette for $212,000 a year. He would assume the post July 1.

LeBlanc, a former state rep and real estate appraiser, most recently served as commissioner of administration for Gov. Kathleen Blanco and has since been leading the transition of T-Joe Savoie into the UL presidency at $17,000 a month, comparable to the salary he will assume as interim vp of business and finance. Savoie is replacing Ray Authement later this summer.

An institutional review of UL, conducted from July to October of 2007 by an outside consulting firm, recommended the vacant post be filled. The review stated that the duties of the position are now being carried out by two assistant vice presidents; according to the university, the former vice president of business and finance, Ovey Hargrave Jr., makes $53,000 a year as a part-time "financial adviser." Hargrave retired in January of 1997.

In assessing the current situation with the business and finance operations of the university,  the authors of the 2007 report indicated that the structure is not working efficiently. "We have rarely heard as many negative comments about inordinate paperwork," the consultants wrote.

LeBlanc is highly qualified for the post and would be a strong asset to the incoming Savoie administration should he decide to seek the position permanently. The UL Board of Supervisors' policy requires that the vice presidency be advertised and a formal selection process be conducted. LeBlanc could not be reached for comment this morning on whether he will seek the position at that time.