Nathan Stubbs

Judge denies speed van restraining order

by Nathan Stubbs

District Judge Glenn Everett has denied a restraining order request filed by Redflex speed van operator Christina Silvetti against local private eye Stephanie Ware. Everett made the ruling at a hearing yesterday, tossing out a temporary restraining order Silvetti had obtained against Ware. The hearing follows an incident last month where Silvetti claimed Ware almost ran her off the road and then began following her. Silvetti called 911 and police arrived to interview both Ware and eye witnesses. Ware, who hosts a radio talk show on KVOL, has been a vocal critic of the city’s Redflex SafeSpeed program and has a pending lawsuit claiming the program is unconstitutional. Click here to watch KATC’s on the scene coverage following Silvetti’s 911 call.