Center Stage Couples are finding more and more creative ways to entertain their wedding guests.

by Erin Z. Bass

Couples are finding more and more creative ways to entertain their wedding guests.

When it comes to wedding entertainment, a live band or DJ is no longer enough. Acrobats, magicians, live painters, pianists and even caricaturists are making their way into the mix to ensure that guests have a memorable time. We rounded up a few ideas available locally, but the possibilities are endless and should reflect the distinct personalities of both the bride and groom.


Sure, the photos and video from your wedding tell a story, but what about an original piece of art that captures the entire scene? Hiring a live painter is a way to artistically represent the big day while also ensuring you take home a treasured keepsake. New Iberia visual artist Paul Schexnayder has been live painting weddings for the past two years and calls his works of art “Wedding Story Paintings,” depicting everything from the engagement to the honeymoon. “Mine is more personal,” he says. “It’s a painting within a painting that might show the church or maybe where they’re going on their honeymoon.” Schexnayder can paint on any type of material, from canvas to a piece of wood or even an old window. Paintings are priced depending on size and can be ordered as thank you notes after the wedding.


For couples wanting to provide their wedding guests with a keepsake to take home, a photo booth is a fun option. Photo Bomb Dot Com owner Seth Porche likens the photo booth to an old Polaroid camera. “Years ago, you would take a picture and actually get a picture,” he says. “Now, it’s on your phone and nobody has anything to put on their desk or refrigerator. With a photo booth, you’re walking away with a picture.” Photo Bomb offers five booths and even a vintage camper for rental, along with props ranging from boas and crazy hats to emojis and masks. Porche can also customize templates to the theme of the wedding and create different sizes of photos. He adds that while a photo booth may seem like a luxury add-on for a wedding, it’s one of the most affordable options for upping your entertainment game.


Now we’re really thinking outside the box, but for couples looking to add an extra layer of drama, live theater could be the way to go. Think a personalized skit during the rehearsal dinner, actors planted throughout a reception or a newlywed type of game show on-stage before the band starts. Local theater troupe The Tea Sippers are known for their improv shows and performance art. Co-founder Andrew Lee says the troupe would need some personal information about the couple to get started, but they are open to ideas.