Local TV station confirms existence of teenagers in Lafayette

by Walter Pierce

KLFY probes “swastika’s scrawled” under Vermilion River bridge.

Lafayette CBS affiliate KLFY made the best of a slow news day Sunday with a report about at least one (and possibly more than one) swastika spray-painted under the Pinhook Road bridge over the Vermilion River, confirming the presence of adolescents in the Hub City while making a strong case for paid internships. A viewer-submitted photo depicts a single swastika on the bridge’s under-carriage, yet the story’s headline —

“Swastika’s scrawled beneath the Vermilion River bridge in Lafayette shakes up residents" — really kind of muddies what's actually going on here.

One caller who alerted the station to the graffito — or graffiti; who knows? — expressed heartbreak to see such (a) hateful symbol(s) “in a city as progressive as Lafayette,” which voted 65 percent in favor of the presidential candidate who got 100 percent of the neo-Nazi vote.

Whoever these culprits were, the station reports, they obviously and egregiously oppose the branch of linguistics devoted to meaning, as the report refers to the "swastika's" as “anti-Semantic.”

The vandals’ gambit worked: We don’t know the meaning of any of this either!