Finds 06.25.2008

Local photographer Bruce Schultz’s work is on display through July 5 at Cena, a meal-prep kitchen at Bradbury Crossing and Stonemont Road in River Ranch (near the City Club). Schultz uses 19th century wet-plate technology to produce tintypes and ambrotypes and will demonstrate his techniques this Thursday, June 26, from 5 to 7 p.m. To complement the demonstration, Cena is hosting a free vintage wine tasting event and will also include samplings of its July menu. Additionally, bottles of wine will be available for purchase at the event. “We have selected a wide variety of quality wines at reasonable prices,” says Billy Stagg of Cena (pronounced say-na). For more information, visit or or call Cena at 706-7568. — Leslie Turk

Lafayette singer/songwriter Rex Moroux releases his third compact disc this week with These Bricks Are Bleeding. The 11 tracks were recorded in Brooklyn, N.Y. at producer Roger Greenawalt’s Shabby Road studio. Standout tracks include the simple vocal, strings, and piano arrangement found on “Chicago,” the multi-layered swagger of “I Saw Your Ghost,” and the stripped down “Jameson.” The bonus track is the 12th and final cut, “December 24th” from Moroux’s previous release Royal Street Inn. Moroux kicks off a tour in support of the new release with a CD release party at the Blue Moon Saloon on July 3. These Bricks Are Bleeding retails for $15 and can be ordered online at . — R. Reese Fuller

The hotter it gets, the more pressing the need for summer coolers. Guamas downtown has had a trademark Mango Margarita since it moved from a hole-in-the-wall on Johnston to St. Mary, en route to the current location on Jefferson. This summer, it has introduced a Mango Infusion Martini. Made with 276 Mango Rum Infusion, fresh pureed mango juice, and a tart squirt of fresh lime juice shaken over cracked ice, this drink is dangerously beguiling. And after a round of drinks, if you haven’t had enough tropical fruit, Guamas serves slices of fresh mango doused with tequila for a light dessert. The Mango Margarita is still $5.50; the Mango Infusion Martini costs $8.50. For more info, call Guamas at 267-4242. — Mary Tutwiler