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It’s a New Era at IND Media Announcing a new Downtown Lafayette address, the launch of a glossy magazine and timely iterations of our core brands.

by Cherry Fisher May

Announcing a new Downtown Lafayette address, the launch of a glossy magazine and timely iterations of our core brands.

IND Media employees have no doubt earned their individual places in the pantheon at #GreatTeams. In recent weeks, our little troupe vacated the historic expansive office space that has been our home on Jefferson Street for 13 years, renovated a bright new right-sized space with an equally great legacy (the original downtown home of KVOL, née the Voice of Lafayette) and moved everything down to the last paper clip. Except for a glitch with our phone service transfer, the transition has been smooth as silk.

Our business model is evolving, too.

At The Independent, we embarked on a bold transition from print and digital to digital-only after an in-depth survey last October revealed that 84 percent of our readers were as likely or more inclined to read us online as in print. The decision was bolstered by the types of content respondents said they want more of: investigative reporting, political news and analysis and long-form journalism. Rather than hold them for print, we have long reported those stories digital first on our website at, so the decision was obvious. Watch for new features on our website for readers and for advertisers.

ABiz will remain in print and flip format online at the magazine’s full website, where you’ll also find new stories posted daily. Every Tuesday subscribers will still get our outbound B2B newsletter ABuzz (the subscription link is on the top left of the ABiz website). We’re introducing monthly tech columns and features in addition to the annual technology issue every August as a nod to tech’s increasing role in our economic mix. We’re also increasing the number of ABiz CEO roundtables to better inform our reporting across all business sectors.

And then there’s the launch of our new glossy magazine called The Current. It will debut in April and focus squarely on the emerging generation of thought leaders and members of our creative community who are building the Lafayette metro into a vibrant, competitive community that will thrive in the 21st century.

As with all new beginnings, this one has been both exhausting and exhilarating, but I’m certain of one thing: This team is ready. We are confident that Lafayette is, too.