R. Reese Fuller

Jindal: Oops! I won't do it again

by R. Reese Fuller

In a press conference yesterday, Gov. Bobby Jindal commented on the passage of a bill that will double legislators' pay and that has angered Louisiana residents. "I've learned my lesson," Jindal said. Things are going to be different in the Legislature from now on, and he'll hold a "much tighter rein" on lawmakers next time around, the governor said. But he's still not going to veto the bill, although he promised to do just that in his election campaign for governor. (Read accounts from The Advocate and The Times-Picayune.)

Jindal was in Shreveport for a ceremonial signing of the repeal of the Stelly tax yesterday, and protesters were there as well. The Shreveport Times reports:

One man wore a shirt with a knife drawn on it that appeared to stab the man's back. Fake blood stains also were on the T-shirt. The top of the man's shirt read "TAXPAYER," while the bottom of the shirt read, "Thanks, Bobby."

In this report from WVLA in Baton Rouge on Friday, watch how the governor doesn't answer repeated questions about the contradiction of his campaign promise and not vetoing the pay raise.

Also, Steve Sabludowsky, a lawyer and the publisher of Bayoubuzz.com, has organized a protest for Monday, July 7 over the pay raise at the state Capitol, from 2 until 4 p.m.