Mary Tutwiler

Calling all geeks

by Mary Tutwiler

Slacker heaven beckons. That is if you can get off the couch. GAMECAMP!, an intensive summer camp in how to make video games is once again offered in Lafayette from July 28 to August 1st at Cyberlan Gaming Center in Lafayette, and at Nicholls State July 21s to 25th. The summer program reaches out to middle and high school students aged 10 to 17. Industry professionals will lead labs and lectures focusing is on developing new games using industry standard software packages. The camps will culminate in a game design competition that will be judged by the digital media community. Not only are classes aimed at teaching digital programing, design and art requirements, there are also classes in the business aspects of video games, including budgets, licensing and marketing. For more information, check out the website or call Spencer Zuzolo at 512-363-3795.