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ABIZ Scene: IND Media’s 2017 INDesign Awards Luncheon

IND Media’s 2017 INDesign awards luncheon was held in early April at The City Club at River Ranch and sponsored by Southern Lifestyle Development, Van Eaton & Romero and One Acadiana. After the winners were recognized, a panel discussion titled “Building Strong Cities for the 21st Century: A Lafayette Perspective” was moderated by Christiaan Mader, editorial director of The Current, IND Media’s new magazine. Panelists were Rachel DiResto, executive VP for the Center for Planning Excellence in Baton Rouge; Harry Weiss, One Acadiana’s vice president for Urban Revitalization & Development; and Geoff Dyer, director of design and interim CEO for DDA.

1. EB Brooks and Heidi Schmalbach

2. Bill Bacqué, Gail Romero and Robert Daigle

3. Harry Weiss, Geoff Dyer, Rachel Diresto and Christiaan Mader

4. Angela Moliere, Cristina Beazley, Robbie Beazley, Missy Meaux, Chris Meaux, Charles Beazley, Albert Moliere and Adam Beazley

5. Kate Durio, Blair Green, Geoff Dyer and Lori Dyer

6. INDesign 2017 residential winners: Cheryl Scurlock, Brianne Jenkins, Edson Davis, Kally Sere and Larayne Guidroz

7. Michael LeBlanc and Pat Magee

8. Luke Sonnier, Bill Hunter and John Arceneaux

9. INDesign 2017 commercial winners: Philippe Prouet, Charles Beazley, Greg Damico, Wayne Domingue, Jeff Augustine, Tonia Matherne, Geoff Dyer, Aaron Schaubhut, Adam Beazley, Angelique Hernandez, Ron Lee, Chad Abell, Eric Crozier and David Hammer