Scott Jordan

You know you're from Lafayette if ...

The Independent Weekly editorial staff is working on a project, and we want your input. The premise is simple: Complete the phrase, “You know you’re from Lafayette if ...”
Some examples:
You know you’re from Lafayette if:
You don’t find it unusual that it takes 50 years to plan and build a bridge.
Your conversations are punctuated with local first-name-only references: Dud, Clifton, LeeBob, Blue, Boozoo, Darla, Elemore, Sonny, Hoyt, Zachary ...

You have Hadacol memorabilia in your house.

You or someone in your family has a camp at Cypremort Point or Toledo Bend.

You know the daily lunch specials at Antler’s, T-Coon’s and Dwyer’s by heart.

You know swamp pop isn’t a soft drink or an ice cream made by Shrek.

So, how do you know you’re from Lafayette? E-mail your answer(s) to [email protected], and if we use your submission, we’ll credit you in an upcoming issue of The Independent.