Nathan Stubbs

Sazerac, the official drink of New Orleans

by Nathan Stubbs

With all the furor over pay raises, news of one of the recent legislative session’s historic accomplishments has been largely overshadowed. On the last day of the session, state legislators canonized Sazerac as the official cocktail of New Orleans. SB 6 originally called for Sazerac to become the official state cocktail, but was amended to exclusively cover New Orleans. The bill authorizes the drink’s “use on official documents of the city of New Orleans and with the insignia of the city of New Orleans.” Invented in the Crescent City, the Sazerac cocktail was named by John Schiller in 1859 upon the opening of his Sazerac Coffee House in New Orleans. Click here to listen to NPR’s Robert Siegel learn about the intricacies of the famed Southern cocktail and its rich history.