Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote yes on school tax prop

by Melinda Mangham

As a passionate advocate for public education and as a citizen of this community who has voiced my praise and my concerns for our school district, I ask you to vote Yes for a temporary half-cent sales tax that is 100 percent dedicated to fund facility upgrades for our schools, Saturday, April 29.

When I began teaching in Lafayette Parish over 25 years ago, the condition of school facilities was of major concern. Today, aging facilities are still a major priority. We need to create an academic environment that our community and especially our children deserve. My experiences as an educator have proven that power lies in education that has community engagement.

Voting for a tax to create better school facilities is an investment, not an expenditure. As a community, we need to create schools that enhance and enrich students’ academic achievement and the community as a whole. If we can improve education, we can improve the other major challenges in our community. Providing schools that work for all, we grow a community that has good jobs, available health care, decent and affordable housing, and living wages.

Education is the engine that drives all of these facets of our community. The children of our community are the priority issue of this tax. Do our children need better, safer, and more efficient schools? The answer is ABSOLUTELY.

Please join me and vote YES for the CHILDREN, Saturday, April 29.

Melinda Mangham, Lafayette