Lafayette stinks Literally. And no one is sure why.

Accusatory fingers are pointing south toward Abbeville and a fish protein processing plant as the cause of the malodorous gale that wafted across a goodly spread of our fair city this morning.

Lafayette Consolidated Government issued a press release Tuesday morning saying that departments within LCG — utilities, public works and fire —would investigate the cause of the widely reported stench, but so far no definitive source has been identified.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Cydra Wingerter, LCG’s chief communications officer, told The Indepenent, “What I do know is that our HAZMAT unit ran air quality checks and turned up nothing.”

Earlier, the state Department of Transportation speculated that the odor could be coming from a manure processing plant in Iberia Parish, although KATC spoke with the folks at the Omega Protein plant in Intracoastal City early today and the plant confirmed it is processing fish products at this time. Buttressing the fishy speculation: winds shifted and began coming from the south over the last 24 hours.