Nathan Stubbs

Local boards notified of ethics requirements

by Nathan Stubbs

On Friday, Lafayette Consolidated Government City-Parish Attorney Pat Ottinger sent out a memorandum outlining the new state ethics laws requirements for local board and commission members. Today is the last day for any board member to resign before being required to comply with the new laws. Senate Bill 718, now Act NO. 472, applies to all local boards and commissions that have “the authority to expend, disburse or invest ten thousand dollars or more of funds in a fiscal year.” Locally, the Act will apply to more than 30 committees, including the local Planning and Zoning commission, the board for the Bayou Vermilion District, the Lafayette Airport Commission and the Civil Service Board. The new law will require members and their spouses to file information on their employer, business interests, range of income and information about potential conflicts of interest. Thus far, LCG has received four resignations from the Emergency Medical Services Board and are fielding a large number of calls regarding this issue.