Nathan Stubbs

42 resign from local boards/commissions

by Nathan Stubbs

City-Parish Council Clerk Norma Dugas’ phone did not stop ringing yesterday, as new ethics disclosure requirements forced mass resignations from local boards and commissions. Board members had until midnight last night to resign before being required to comply with the new laws. Senate Bill 718, now Act NO. 472, applies to all local boards and commissions that have “the authority to expend, disburse or invest ten thousand dollars or more of funds in a fiscal year.” The new law will require members and their spouses to file information on their employer, business interests, range of income and information about potential conflicts of interest.

Dugas says she is still checking resignations with some boards and hopes to have a completed list by noon today. As of this morning, she had received notice of 42 resignations from 19 different boards. These include eight out of 11 members of the Parks and Recreation board, five of seven members of the Emergency Medical Services Advisory Board and two of five members of the Cajundome Commission. Until positions are filled, those three boards (the Cajundome Commission also lost University President Ray Authement to retirement) will no longer be able to meet because they will lack a quorum. The following is a list of the resignations received thus far:

**Airport Commission
**Allen A. Dugas

Bayou Vermilion District
Jan Davis

**Carroll Fuselier

Cajundome Commission
Bill McElligott
Dr. Paul Azar

**Citizens Advisory Committee
**Paul Leberg

**Downtown Development Authority
**Thomas L. Day

Emergency Medical Services
Marc Mouton
Dr. Paul Scott LeBleu
Betty Heidbrink
Percy J. Broussard, Jr.
Andy Blalock, M.D.

**Heymann Performing Arts
**Suzan Allen

**Metropolitan Expressway Commission
**Elaine D. Abel
William W. Rucks, III
Rob Guidry
Mickey Mangham

Waterworks District North
Patrick Credeur

Convention & Visitors **Commission
**Margaret Rucks
MaryBeth Lowry
Rob Davis

**Library Board
**Lee Verret
Pat Logan
Bennett Bernard

**Eloise Gauthier
Cliffe Laborde, III

**Bill Fenstemaker
Max Hoyt
Sandy Kaplan
Carl Bauer

**Natural History Museum
**Dr. Huey McCauley

**Parks & Recreation
**Charlie Buckles
Travis Farrar
Johnnie Stinson
Todd Weber
Harold Porter
Barbara Lambert
Walter Guillory
Richard Chalmers

Planning Commission
Keith Miller

Police Alarm Board
Mary Goody

Louise Logan