Scott Jordan

A Jindal staff shakeup?

Now that Gov. Bobby Jindal has vetoed the legislative pay raise, the biggest looming question is what the fallout will be with the Legislature — and possibly Jindal’s staff. Relations between legislators and Jindal’s staff were already on shaky ground prior to the pay raises exploding and dwarfing every other issue — see tomorrow’s July 2 edition of The Independent for more on that front — and Jindal all but admitted that he’d governed the session in abstentia with his mea culpa yesterday. Jindal let his inner circle deal with the multiple brush fires that ignited in the first months of his administration, and it could be Jindal’s staff that winds up getting burned in the aftermath.

There’s already been one high-profile casualty, as Jindal’s legislative director, Tommy Williams, resigned over the weekend after less than six months on the job. And in an Advocate column today, editorial writer Lanny Keller makes the case that Jindal Chief of Staff Timmy Teepell could be next in the line of fire. While stopping short of saying that Teepell should be fired, Keller makes clear that having a more seasoned, senior chief of staff could go a long way toward restoring the Jindal administration’s relationship with lawmakers. Further grist from the rumblings and rumor mill: veteran Louisiana political consultant Roy Fletcher thinks that Jindal’s Chief Counsel, Jimmy Faircloth, will be the first to go.