This week in snowflakes: the anti-Moonwalkers

by Walter Pierce

The heritage-not-hate crowd’s panties are in full bunch. They’ve directed their ire at Mitch Landrieu.

Photo by Daniel Schwen/Wikimedia

The push-back was as inevitable as the assault on grammar and spelling.

Confederate fetishist Chris Tidd of Johnson City, Tenn. — his Facebook page is an orgy of Rebel flags and antique honkies — has begun a petition on calling for the removal of the riverfront plaque in New Orleans declaring the promenade “Moonwalk” in honor of former New Orleans Mayor Moon Landrieu, father to the current mayor who presided over the removal of Confederate monuments in the city.

Not surprisingly, the petition has generated upwards of 2,000 signatures.

“It’s offensive and Racist and believe MoonWalk monument that has been put in place to recognize Moon Landrieu needs to be removed,” Tidd writes, greasing the skids for a cascade of crazy, complements, one hopes, of thick-thumbed folks popping off as their smart phones’ auto-correct function went on hyper-drive:

Mitch is a diet bag — Gayla Dunn, Slidell

I think the Landrieud are a joke — Robert Carmen, Lake Charles

I am offended by landieu — Mabel Graham, Live Oak, Fla.

Because he’s a Landrieu. I’m ashamed Louisiana has let any of the Landrieu serve as anything in our State. They are so fond of tearing monuments down, well here’s them another one. Get at it Landrieu! — Julie Weems, West Monroe

I hate landrieu, period. That family should have been born oboma’s. They are good at hate. — Clinton Meyer, Picayune, Miss.

Mike vanloan — Mike Vanloan

Tidd, it’s worth mentioning, started two other petitions on the site, both of them calling for the removal of all monuments to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Those petitions, however, haven’t fared nearly as well as his Moonwalk petition, garnering one (his own) and two (his own and his cousin's presumably) signatures, respectively.