Higgins hints at holy war

by Walter Pierce

Congressman Clay Higgins never shrinks from an opportunity to reinforce his brand. After the terror attack that killed seven in London over the weekend, Higgins took to his private Facebook page to stupidly argue that A) All of the free world is Christian; B) Christendom is at war with “Islamic horror”; and C) America has a lot of killing to do.

Red meat for his ravenous supporters, to be sure — and a fair sample of them weigh in with attaboys for Higgins’ holy-war huffing. But the congressman's meat-headed myopia drew a ton of criticism and condemnation in the comment thread beneath his Sunday post, too. Not a few of the responses point out the recent $110 billion arms deal between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, one of the most repressive Islamic states on the plant and home country to most of the 911 terrorists.

This bluster is little more than campaign rhetoric. Sadly for Southwest Louisiana, it will work. Because Cap'n Clay is a "Christian" damn it!