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Copeland’s MKT opening next to Albertsons on Johnston Company comes through on November promise to roll out new concept to Lafayette diners.

by Chelsea Yaeger

Company comes through on November promise to introduce new concept to Lafayette diners.

When it closed the doors of its Ambassador Caffery location in November, Copeland’s corporate office had already decided to open an express version of its restaurant at a new spot in town.

“The concept here is a fast-casual approach,” says Mary Morgan Huebner of Potenza Inc., who is serving as a spokeswoman for the restaurant. “It’s very different from what you’d expect from Copeland’s before.”

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Huebner believes Copeland’s MKT, which stands for Market Kitchen Table, is a first-of-its-kind concept in Lafayette. “Market” relates that guests can purchase items for the home and is what Huebner called a “grocery store vibe.” “Kitchen” points to the chefs who prepare fresh food and “Table” to the seating option. The restaurant, located next to Albertsons on Johnston Street (in a spot once occupied by Golden Cleaners), hopes to open in mid-June.

“Get it to stay, get it to go, Waitr it, come to the market and get Copeland’s biscuit mix and seasoning. You can go and get a big portion of your favorite dish and serve it to your family,” she says.

Copeland’s MKT will include menu items new and old alike — including some Lafayette-inspired dishes.

There’s Chank-a-Chank Chicken, which is festival-style chicken on a skewer; then there’s the Hub City Sliders.

“Our favorite that we think is gonna really makes waves here is called the Bayou Bowl. That thing, woo! It’s a bread bowl essentially,” says Huebner. “You can get it with the chicken alfredo, you can do a lighter side of it with a salad or you can do the crawfish fettuccine. It’s pretty unique.”

The Lafayette Copeland’s MKT is the “pilot concept,” but the company may eventually expand to other areas. “We’re using Lafayette names and things that are culturally relevant because we do appreciate that it’s unique to Lafayette,” Huebner notes.

“It’s the flavor that you’ve always loved but with a new spin [the option to cook at home]. Some dishes are old-school, and some are new-school. ... That, to me, is a really cool part of this concept,” Huebner continues. “That’s what they mean when they say, ‘From our kitchen to yours.’”

Copeland’s MKT is partnering with Miles Perret Cancer Services for its grand opening, currently scheduled for June 17. A portion of the proceeds from the grand opening will go to the local nonprofit.

[CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the new Copeland's concept would be locating in the old 2 Paul's. That spot is occupied by Pot and Paddle. ABiz regrets the error.]