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ABiz Scene: Bayou Teche Brewing

To celebrate its expansion in mid-June, Bayou Teche Brewing in Arnaudville cut a link of boudin in half in place of a ribbon. Beer and boudin. Yum. Doing the honors was Stephanie Knott, wife of Bayou Teche Brewing President Karlos Knott. The expansion includes a brewhouse from Italian manufacturer Simatec. It’s the first fully automatic and scalable brewhouse in North America, according to Karlos. “We’re excited, and we’re the guinea pig,” he says. Knott says the brewhouse is flexible and efficient, as the new European technology is allowing the company to brew more beer — and use less energy — with a smaller footprint. Most brewhouses are used until they’re at capacity, so instead of having to get rid of the brewhouse when it is at capacity and buy a new system, the Simatec system can be added to the existing one and expanded with new vessels when it reaches capacity in three or four years. “It’s a new way of brewing,” Knott says. “It’s one of the smartest systems in the U.S.”

1. Byron Knott checks levels of new machine

2. CJ McFaul, Stephanie Knott and Karlos Knott

3. State Rep. Mike Huval and other guests enjoying Russell’s Grocery boudin

4. Raquella Manuel

5. CJ McFaul

6. Stephanie Knott cuts cake for guests