Scott Jordan

LeAnn Rimes returns the favor for Marc Broussard

Expect a blizzard of publicity in mid-September for Carencro soul man Marc Broussard. Atlantic Records is gearing up for the Sept. 16 release of Keep Coming Back, Broussard’s debut album for the famed label, and it sounds like Broussard could reach a new audience thanks to the presence of female country icon LeAnn Rimes. Broussard co-wrote and sang with Rimes on “Nothing Wrong,” a funky duet from Rimes’ 2007 album Family, and now Rimes is returning the favor. She joins Broussard for Keep Coming Back’s “When it’s Good,” which Atlantic is pegging as “country-meets-swamp-blues.”

Full details on the album are here, and here’s the audio for their “Nothing Wrong” track as a teaser.