Mary Tutwiler

Developer enters New Iberia mayor's race

by Mary Tutwiler

A colorful businessman, Chris Jordan, is challenging New Iberia mayor Hilda Curry in this year’s fall election. Jordan, a developer, told the Daily Iberian that he can bring rapid economic growth to the city. Known as a freewheeling entrepreneur, his corporation, Vermilion Holdings, owns several New Iberia downtown landmarks including the Gouggenheim and Lagniappe buildings, and an impressive camp at Cypremort Point. Jordan’s frequently been vocal about property owner’s rights, often publicly challenging the city’s regulations. He’s also been involved in some high profile land deals over the years, such as buying the old Agrifuels plant and selling the ethanol-making equipment for scrap. Jordan told the Daily Iberian that he will make repairs to sewer lines on private property, an ongoing regulatory woe for the city’s public works department, his first priority.