Nathan Stubbs

McCain visit re-kindling Jindal VP speculation

by Nathan Stubbs

Why is John McCain suddenly flying into New Orleans tomorrow to meet with Bobby Jindal? Is the 37-year-old Louisiana Governor getting a second interview for the job of vice president? Several media outlets, including the Washington Post and Times Picayune , are reporting the New Orleans trip as a late addition to McCain's schedule for the purpose of a sit-down visit with Jindal. Previously, the Republican presidential nominee was slated to be campaigning in battleground states all week.

With WDSU in New Orleans reporting that McCain will be touring offshore oilrigs tomorrow, perhaps the trip is just a photo-op way for the Arizona Senator to re-iterate his support for expanded coastal drilling. That’s not slowing the Jindal as VP speculation. Increasing the buzz is a cryptic report from conservative columnist Robert Novak that McCain may be announcing his running mate this week. While Jindal’s frequently listed among VP candidates, pundits also have labeled him somewhat of a long shot due to his age gap with McCain and relative lack of experience. The conventional frontrunner has been former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who McCain may be meeting with today. His schedule has him hosting a town hall meeting in New Hampshire not far from Romney’s vacation home.