R. Reese Fuller

Courreges leaves The Advocate

by R. Reese Fuller

Friday was Patrick Courreges' last day on the job with The Advocate's Acadiana bureau. On Monday, he started his new job as the Department of Natural Resource's public information officer.

After serving seven years in the U.S. Navy, Courreges attended LSU, where he was editor of The Reveille. In 2001, he began working for The Advocate's Capitol bureau and became Acadiana's bureau chief in 2004, covering education and politics.

"I've covered politics and that's always kind of been my interest - governmental coverage," Courreges say. "I had my fair share of the story of the century there - the double hurricane blast. There's not a lot to do that I haven't at least had a taste of." Courreges adds that he believes in government service, doing something for more than just a paycheck. "It's kind of what drew me into journalism too when I was done up with my Navy hitch. And that's what appeals to me here, is doing something for a state I care a lot about. It ain't big, but I feel like I'm doing my part."

Roy Miller, The Advocate's state editor, says the paper has not named a new chief for the Acadiana bureau but is still looking to fill the position.

(photo from www.2theadvocate.com)