Mary Tutwiler

Buddy Palmer to be arts alliance director in Alabama

by Mary Tutwiler

Buddy Palmer, former director of the Acadiana Arts Council has been selected as the new president and CEO of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Birmingham. The independent non-profit is a four year old organization. Palmer will be the second director. The mission of the Cultural Alliance is very similar to the AAC, says Palmer. The umbrella organization’s goal is to support the work of arts and cultural organizations and professional working artists in the region. Currently the organization is smaller than the AAC, Palmer will bring the staff up to three. “For me, it’s a great opportunity to build the organization and set the direction,” he says. “Hopefully, it will have an impact on the entire community.” He begins his work at the start of September.

Birmingham is bustling these days. The steel town of over a million residents is in the process of a downtown revitalization, with loft developments, plans for a cultural entertainment center, and a three-part parks project. “One of the three will be bigger than Central Park,” Palmer says. “Birmingham will be the greenest city in the United States.” Along with the move to a bigger city, Palmer says he is happy to be closer to his family. He’ll be 90 miles from his home town of Selma, and living in the same city as three young grandchildren. “That’s going to be fun,” he says.