Party Girl

Party Girl 08.06.2008

From left to right: Ricky Schoeffler, Jennifer Bock, David Lowry, Cynthia Fakier, bride Editha Colis Schoeffler, groom Franz Paul Schoeffler, Brea Schoeffler, and Britt Schoeffler

Mr. and Mrs. Franz Schoeffler

Nancy Castille, Brian Angelle, Christine Bolleyn and Deidre Cormier

Linda Larkan and Phena Guidry and (seated) Sharon Landry and Sue Sewall

The drive to Rip Van Wrinkle Gardens was picturesque, and the grounds were blooming with lots of colors, especially shades of orange and pink. It was just perfect, and I know it sounds cliché but it was perfect because the colors were those of Editha and Franz’s wedding. On July 26, Editha Nguyen Colis and Franz Paul Schoeffler exchanged wedding vows under the garden’s beautiful oak trees. Party Girl thought her weeks of lounging and frolicking around town were busy enough, but it wasn’t until recently she realized how time consuming it is to plan the perfect wedding. That’s more work than one girl can nearly handle. Guests arrived and quickly found their seats just as the sun was setting in the background. Thankfully there was a slight cool breeze blowing, because the bride radiated solar flares of love.

By the time six o’clock rolled around, the bridesmaids and bride-to-be lined up to start their walk down the isle. That’s when the bride, I later learned, really started to get nervous. Planning the wedding was exciting, she says, but when it was her cue to walk down the isle, the nerves set in. The bride had a few tears building but what helped her gain her composure was seeing her husband-to-be waiting for her. Shania Twain’s song “From This Moment On” started playing, and the rest was history. They finally kissed and were presented as Mr. and Mrs. Franz Schoeffler. “It was the best moment in my life,” Editha says. “I am so very happy. I enjoyed the evening visiting with each of our guests. I hope I was able to visit with all of them. Thanks to all that came to share this special day with us.”

Good food, pink martinis and girl talk. What more can Party Girl ask for? Saturday, July 26, was a very busy evening for me — talk about Girl Power! When Phena Guidry said, “Hey girls, it’s time to step out!” I had no idea what she meant by that statement, but I was intrigued enough to attend the party. But there was a twist to it: unbeknownst to Phena, a couple of her friends realized her birthday fell the following week (July 31), so they decided to turn the party around on Phena and make it her surprise party. Don’t worry, Phena, I’ll never tell anyone how many candles were on your cake — and besides, no one could guess your age. Phena passed around a candy dish and asked her guests to choose each of their favorite candies. We were instructed to just hold on to them. Party Girl was suspicious; of course it was a game but which one? The number of pieces of candy we each were holding determined how many unique things we could share about ourselves to the others. Thankfully, I prefer salt to sugar and had passed the candy dish up!

Party On! — PG

Rae Robinson Brodnax and Phena Guidry

Rae Robinson Brodnax and Gail Andriano

Rose Cormier, Susan Slocum and Jeanette Alcon

Shirlen Stansbury, Phyllis Boudreaux, Ruth Takeda, Gail Andriano and Sharon Griffith

Elizabeth Maier and (seated) Karen Richard and Patti Monczewski

Yvette Davis and Linda Larkan