Letters to the Editor

The hand that feeds the mouth

I think the piece “You Know You’re From Lafayette If ... ” (July 9) is overall a very enjoyable read. However, I take serious offense to two statements regarding the local university.

“You went to UL but don’t know its football schedule.”

“You see no conflict of allegiances when you go to a UL football game and everybody has an LSU bumper sticker.”

I find it very ignorant to be insensitive to the local university. Without the university, Lafayette and Acadiana would not be what it is today. UL provides a huge economic boost to Lafayette and Acadiana, not to mention the football games average around 18,000- 20,000 people per game which is a statistically significant percentage of Lafayette. Maybe next time you could be a little more sensitive to the hand that feeds the mouth. Without UL, Lafayette would not be what it is today, and The Independent would probably not exist.