Mary Tutwiler

Top paddling town in the south: Lafayette

by Mary Tutwiler

Live and play. That’s what we know Lafayette is good at, and now, so does National Geographic Adventure . The September issue has an article titled “Where to Live and Play: the fifty next great adventure towns.” Lafayette ranks among the up and coming 50 as the best place in the south central region for paddlers--as in canoeing. Here’s the citation:

"Crawfish boils are always a social affair. And lately so are kayaking and backpacking forays into Acadiana Cajun-Creole country, courtesy of Pack & Paddle. The city is booming with jobs too; it’s one of the few in Louisiana with population growth. Cruise the Atchafalaya Basin bayous and chow down on crawfish. Population: 114,214. Median home price: $171,900."

Some other towns that made the cut: Hood River, Oregon; Malibu, California; Ogden, Utah, Missoula, Montana; San Antonio, Texas; Chattanooga, Tennessee; Boston, Massachusetts and Islamorada, Florida.