R. Reese Fuller

Pine Leaf Boys sign with Lionsgate

by R. Reese Fuller

Lionsgate has signed the Grammy-nominated Pine Leaf Boys to a record and publishing deal. In a press release, Lionsgate Music President Jay Faires stated:
Their last two records really caught our attention and when the opportunity came to work with them, we jumped at it. Wilson and the guys are so obviously talented and to see them treat this genre with such reverence while they move it forward is very exciting to us. This continues our push into what we see as underserved genres from which we can break new acts.
According to its website, the Pine Leaf Boys believe that the recent news has caused Lionsgate' stock to skyrocket by 27 cents. ("You can thank the PLBs when you're cashing in your Lionsgate stock shares.")

The band is currently on tour in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Frontman Wilson Savoy stated in an e-mail: "I'm extremely excited about the potential that this move will have for other Cajun bands in Louisiana. The past year has brought Cajun music a Grammy category and international exposure with this new Lionsgate deal."

The band's original lineup has also changed, with Cedric Watson focusing on his own band and Blake Miller moving on to study at UL Lafayette. The newest members include fiddler, singer and Balfa Toujours alum Courtney Granger and Thomas David, bass player and former member of Jambalaya Cajun Band.

The band's third release is slated for release in September.