Letters to the Editor

Open letter to Savoie

by R. Reese Fuller

Dear Dr. Savoie,

I wish you well as you begin your tenure as UL’s new president. I enjoyed reading your recent interview in The Independent (“Savoie Faire,” July 16); it is obvious that you have a great understanding of higher education, and I look forward to watching UL thrive under your leadership.

In response to your statements regarding the Horse Farm property, I want you to know that our group is still very interested in working closely with you to preserve the 100 acres as city-owned greenspace, while providing UL with funds to acquire property around the main campus for expansion.

Our city is in desperate need of more centrally-located, passive-recreation greenspace with biking/hiking trails, community gardens and other relaxing amenities. Also, we have been meeting with city officials, local nonprofits and civic organizations to ensure that once the property is “saved,” the development of the park amenities and their maintenance will never be a drain on city funds.

I have faith that you too see this as a win-win situation for the university and the community. Great cities have great parks, and if you “Save the Horse Farm,” both Lafayette and UL will benefit for generations to come.