Letters to the Editor

Don't attack the person

by R. Reese Fuller

I too am completely put off by the actions of Rickey Pitre and the School Board in Terrebonne Parish. Intelligence was not running wild on that particular set of events. And I also graduated from South Terrebonne High School in Terrebonne Parish, so it’s a bit personal to me.

On the other hand, I take offense at your opinion cartoon (“Snake Oil,” July 16). I have an extremely well-developed sense of humor, and I always like to look at the absurd and silly side of things. I found your opinion cartoon to go over the line. It’s just another piece of the Cajuns being stereotyped as dumb and stupid, and folks from the Terrebonne-Lafourche area looked down as more backwards and stupid, which is not the case. If anything, those folks have had to deal more openly for a long period of time with Americanization and put downs.

You were right on in putting down the behavior; just leave out attacking the person next time.