Letters to the Editor

Good news, bad news

by R. Reese Fuller

I shouldn’t be surprised that The Daily Advertiser did not print my letter to the editor about our daily newspaper shrinking. I am disappointed, though. Weekly reads of The Independent satisfy my thirst for quality, but I still yearn for a good daily publication.

We are blessed to live in a thriving city which offers good health care, education, entertainment, arts and community events. Our growth has been documented and traffic conditions prove that we are expanding at a rate that is faster than our roads were planned to accommodate. (Was there planning? Is there planning? Maybe reaction to growth will happen one day.)

Any visitor to Lafayette would judge us to be a stagnant small town if they read our daily newspaper. Understanding that a push to Web site delivery is the future, I still wonder if Gannett is paying attention to the baby boomers who haven’t let go of their morning tradition of coffee and the paper at the breakfast table.

Quality local talent is evident in writers like Cody Daigle and Herman Fuselier. I don’t understand why we can’t be served with a quality daily newspaper that we deserve.