Party Girl

Party Girl 08.13.2008

Angie Moreau, Marcia Bradley and Paige Gary

Tim Bradley, Pat Bradley, George Bradley and Angie Moreau

Party Girl is all about being seen at parties, and if you think the grand opening of the new location of Bradley & Moreau Law Firm on July 24 was a gathering of colleagues, you missed an out-right party! Bradley & Moreau has lots to celebrate besides being the largest firm of its kind in Acadiana, occupying 6,000 of the 11,000-square-foot building on Camellia Boulevard. Festivities included treats from Ms. Betty Broussard’s kitchen, adult beverages and live music from a local jazz quartet. Attorney Tim Bradley had the honor of cutting the ribbon. The River Ranch location was a sight to see, with more than 400 guests in attendance, among which were Angie Moreau, Marcia Bradley, Pete Yuan, Paige Gary, Debbie Duplantis, Gail Romero, Betty Broussard, Monica Tauzin, Ferdinand Iseringhausen Sr., Laura Iseringhausen, and Ferdie Iseringhausen. The holiday shopping extravaganza Tinsel and Treasures is now moving into its 15th year. Talk about a lot of shopping under Party Girl’s belt. The premier social and economic event of the Junior League of Lafayette, it is fitting that the organization show appreciation for its members, volunteers and sponsors. This year’s sponsor party was held at a la carte in the Oil Center on Aug. 6. Because it is such a huge undertaking, Tinsel and Treasures requires the participation of all active and provisional Junior League members. It’s a shop-till-you-drop event that year after year doesn’t disappoint. Party On! — PG

Pete Yuan, Tim Bradley and Gail Romero

Debbie Duplantis, Betty Broussard, Monica Tauzin, Angelle MacDougall and Jerry MacDougall

Jimmie and Denise Stagg and son Jude

Kimberly Florsheim and Julie Gurzi

Andy Ducharme and Jill Leblanc

Mary Hanchey and Elizabeth Diebold

Emily Foreman, Angela Mills, Dustii Angelle and Naomi Maraist

Melinda Taylor and Peggy Grace