Mary Tutwiler

Bush to speak in New Orleans today

by Mary Tutwiler

President Bush is marking the three year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina a little early, with a 2:30 p.m. speech today at Jackson Barracks in New Orleans. The stop is part of a packed schedule that includes a morning visit to the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention in Orlando, Fl. and dinner in Gulfport, Miss. He’ll sleep back at his ranch in Crawford, Texas tonight.

The Times Picayune published part of an advance copy of the speech Bush will deliver:
“The story of your recovery is impressive. And it is the same story we see playing out across the Gulf Coast. Homes, businesses and schools are being rebuilt. Levees are being repaired. Families and communities are being reconnected. And from Biloxi to Beaumont, hope is being restored.”

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu’s response to Bush’s visit made clear that she was not satisfied with the White House’s promises to rebuild the city and the surrounding wetlands. “I hope that what he (Bush) hears is that the federal government has still not met its full obligation to Louisiana and to the metro area or southwest Louisiana, “ Landrieu told the TP.

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