Nathan Stubbs

Anti-discrimination order to expire

by Nathan Stubbs

Gov. Bobby Jindal plans to let expire an executive order prohibiting harassment and discrimination at state offices based on race, sexual orientation and political affiliation. The order was signed by former Gov. Kathleen Blanco and expires today. Jindal says other state and federal laws already guard against discrimination and he worries the order could create complications for faith-based organizations’ ability to contract with the state.

The decision was hailed by the religious-based political organization Louisiana Family Forum. Executive Director Gene Mills told The Advocate : “Gov. Jindal comes from a different mindset, understanding the damage that this potentially poses to children and to the economy. He decided not to re-up that executive order but to simply let it sunset,” Mills said.

Former state revenue department secretary and gay rights activist Joe Traigle had this to say: “Jindal, for the sake of economic development in Louisiana, should reissue the non-discrimination executive order so that the sign below Louisiana can again read ‘everyone welcome.’”