R. Reese Fuller

C.C. Adcock's hanging with vampires

by R. Reese Fuller

Lafayette's very own rocktologist C.C. Adcock is allegedly hanging out with vampires. In his blog, MTV's Kurt Loder reports that Adcock's music will be featured in the upcoming HBO series True Blood, which premieres on Sept. 7. The series is based on the Southern Vampire Mysteries by Mississippi author Charlaine Harris and is set in Louisiana. Loder writes:
"As is the case with most series just getting off the ground, this one starts out a little unsteadily, meandering in spots and sometimes a bit loose in its narrative focus. (On the other hand, any show whose soundtrack takes off with a blast of CC Adcock, the great Louisiana swamp-rock guitarist, gets multiple props in my book.) In a way, 'True Blood' is reminiscent of 'Firefly,' the Joss Wheedon cult classic that was trashed by the inept scheduling of the network that aired it, and thus forced to find its substantial audience on DVD."