Leslie Turk

Downtown Breaux Bridge goes live

by Leslie Turk

Seeing what's going on in downtown Breaux Bridge at this very moment is now just a mouse click away.

Accel Protection & Technologies has donated a camera that was erected on Farmer's & Merchant’s Bank building at the corner of Main and East Bridge streets so that potential tourists from across the globe (and anyone else) can get a glimpse of the Breaux Bridge's culture and vitality at any time. The connection was provided by CenturyTel, with labor and installation provided by St. Martin Parish Government and the Breaux Bridge Chamber of Commerce.

Look for the camera logo on Accel's Web site, click on the “Downtown Breaux Bridge Live” image and view live video feed from downtown Breaux Bridge 24 hours a day. Other entities involved in the project also will be providing a video feed from their Web sites.