Letters to the Editor


Thank you so much for writing the article, "Downward Spiral" (July 27). The experiences of the people you interviewed are very much like our own here in Florida. We are fighting imports, recreational fishermen (primarily the Coastal Conservation Association, F.R.A.) who have made it their personal mission to put us out of business, and unfortunately, our own fish and wildlife agency is helping them. As you already know, fisheries management is very political. Here in Florida, we are fighting tooth and nail against this corrupt system.

Please, if you will, have a look at the Fishing For Freedom Web site at www.fishingforfreedom.net. Vice President David Grix has worked tirelessly to detail every aspect of the issues that faces us, on less then a shoe string budget I might add. This is a true grassroots movement.

Again, thank you so much for writing this article; it is important for Americans to know what is happening to our country's food producers.