R. Reese Fuller

LUS: All power back today

by R. Reese Fuller

Lafayette Uilities System's Director Terry Huval says that only 950 LUS customers are currently without power and that all of them will have electricity by the end of today. "We plan to get everyone back today. By the end of the day we'll have no customers out." Huval adds that there are still repairs that need to be made to lines that reach individual homes. "But all customers who can receive service from us will be back on tonight. I am confident that we're going to have everybody back on today."

About 450 linemen and tree trimmers from Texas, Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania are in Lafayette, staged at Cajun Field and teamed up with LUS crews to help with the restoration efforts.

LUS has about 60,000 customers. At the height of LUS' outages during Gustav, 41 percent of LUS' customers were without power. By Monday night, half of those customers' electricity was restored.