Nathan Stubbs

Cravins ad highlights conservative credentials

by Nathan Stubbs

State Sen. Don Cravins Jr. has launched his first TV ad in his campaign for Congress. Based on the message, you'd have a hard time knowing that Cravins was the Democratic candidate in the race. Titled "our dad", the ad features Cravins' two children, Dominique and Don Cravins III, introducing their father, who describes himself as "pro life, pro gun and against higher taxes." Cravins also touts his support for domestic drilling - an issue that has recently become a rallying cry of Republicans. The Opelousas state senator appears to be making good on his strategy to "out conservative" his opponent, Republican incumbent Charles Boustany, and guard against any ideas Republicans may have of grouping him in with more liberal members of his party. Cravins has said he is a proud Democrat, but not afraid to buck his party on some issues. Cravins campaign spokesman Richard Carbo says the campaign has made a "robust buy" for the first ad but could not specify what areas of the 7th Congressional District the ad would be running in.