R. Reese Fuller

State price tag for Gustav: $210 million

by R. Reese Fuller

Gov. Bobby Jindal estimates that the cost of Hurricane Gustav to the state of Louisiana is around $210 million, but that number is expected to rise. Last week, Jindal sent a letter to the White House requesting that the federal government pick up 100 percent of the tab for debris removal and emergency protective measures, as well as the federal assistance provided during the storm and immediately after it.

Here's how the state estimates its expenses so far:

Shelters (DSS): $13.5 million
Medical special needs shelters (Office of Public Health, DHH): $3.3 million
Medical special needs transportation (Office of Public Health, DHH): $6.1 million
Evacuation costs (DOTD): $21 million
Fuel costs for Dept of Agriculture and Forestry: $5 million
Generators (DNR): $20 million

GOHSEP costs (estimated):
Animal Carriers & Supplies: $710K
Levee Protection: $780K
MREs: $19.7 million
Satellite phones: $225K
Water: $2.5 million
Ice: $5.3 million

(And if you have any leftover MREs from Hurricane Gustav, the governor wants you to give them back.)