Mary Tutwiler

The world comes to Caza Azul

by Mary Tutwiler

A glass of wine always makes our foreign language skills better. Think how French trips from the tongue, or Spanish rolls out with a flourish with a little dutch courage. Add a microphone to that glow, and you’ve got an international multicultural event. That’s the premise at Casa Azul, where next Thursday, Multicultural Open Mic will bring together the diversity of our literary community in an evening of sharing art and culture. The lineup thus far includes stories, songs and poems by speakers of Isuk (a Native American language), Spanish, French, Spanish, Arabic and Bambara (a West African language). Black beans and rice are on the menu at the free event. Sign up to read or sit and listen, it’s all good in the little blue house in Grand Coteau. The open mic night begins at 7 p.m., Thurs., Sept. 25. Call Patrice Melnick at 662-1032, or e-mail her at [email protected] for more info.